We’re not just a business.

We're a group of

ENFusion was formed by a group of individuals who came together with a common goal:

To build a clean energy ecosystem, and provide everyone with the power to participate.

The unique, patented blending technology of the Blender was invented by former co-Founder and CTO of SunTech Drive, Nikola Milivojevic, PhD and his business partner and SunTech co-Founder, Yusuf Gurkaynak, PhD.

Nikola saw a need to directly power inexpensive AC motor loads for off-grid solar water pumping, improving both efficiency and cost compared to DC motor solutions. In addition, they developed the capability to seamlessly blend AC and DC sources with a universal, “smart” controller to create the perfect trifecta: products that can stabilize the grid, enable off-grid operations, and manage local storage.

In 2016, when looking for a new, US-based manufacturer, Nikola met Edmond Johnson, Founder and CEO of Premier Manufacturing, a leading contract manufacturer in Colorado. During that time, Edmond and the team at Premier became personally invested in SunTech’s unique technology-driven applications and the potential for their significant impact on renewable energy applications across the board. In 2020, when SunTech was looking for a suitor, Premier and UPC Capital (an investor in the former SunTech Drive LLC) formed Premier Energy Holdings to acquire the assets and intellectual property of SunTech. They both felt that the technology could be important in the transformation to a predominately renewable electric power infrastructure.

Now known as ENFusion, Nikola serves as the CTO and Yusuf as the Chief Engineering Officer. To date, over two thousand controllers are deployed, operational, and have been proven effective in numerous energy conversion applications. These past few years have been full of evolution, transformation, and exciting new developments. As we continue to enhance, innovate, and apply the technology to new applications one thing that remains constant is our mission to achieve net zero for all with the perfect blend of energy and sustainability. We hope you join us.



One small, universal device does the work of many while helping you save during peak operating hours.


With smart cloud capabilities, you can view data and efficiently manage your storage from anywhere.


We build products for and with our customers to help them achieve 100% efficiency.


2000+ controllers are deployed, operational, and have been proven effective.


Meet our Leaders

Edmond Johnson


“After meeting Nikola and Yusuf, we knew that this technology could make a big impact on renewable energy applications in any field. Not to mention, its affordability would allow everyone a chance to participate in lowering carbon emissions.”

Michael Steingrebe


“I see ENFusion as a key technology and global thought leader helping to shape and drive a robust and efficient clean energy infrastructure.  ENFusion’s technology has the capacity to be an integrated component of smart devices across multiple industries worldwide.”

Dr. Nikola Milivojevic

Strategic Advisor: Technology and Innovation

“Our technology enables the use of solar energy in applications where it was never used before, and solves problems for off-grid and unstable power during peak operating hours. It is our goal to apply this same technology to any renewable energy source in the future.”

Dr. Yusuf Gurkaynak

CTO: Chief Technology Officer

Yusuf believes that “passing our knowledge onto future generations is like sharing wealth with those in need. Knowledge grows as we share it.”

John Wallington


“We continue to be major proponents of what ENFusion’s technology brings to both the off-grid and microgrid energy space, and their ability to look at renewable applications from a different end of the scale via their patented power blending solutions.”

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ENFusion is a diverse and inclusive environment. We are an equal opportunity employer and are dedicated to hiring qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.