ENFusion™ Cell 3500

Solar AC Motor Controller

PEH offers you the ability to upgrade a hard starting DOL single or three-phase motor system to a soft start Variable Frequency Drive Technology running on solar power.


The ENFusion™ Cell 3500 universal controller can power motors, pumps, compressors or other inductive loads regardless of whether it is 50Hz, 60Hz, 120V, or 240V. Now you can retrofit single-phase 2HP – and up to three-phase 3HP – pumps, fans and compressor motors.


Designed for remote-grid installations, the weatherproof, all-aluminum chassis/heat sink is IP65 rated for harsh outdoor environments and can operate in high temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments.


ENFusion™ engineers have improved on the functions and features of traditional solar controllers to run inductive motor loads by replacing old electromagnetic designs with high voltage silicon components intelligently controlled by our patented adaptive firmware. The ENFusion™ Cell 3500 integrates the functions of an inverter, VFD, MPPT controller, phase initiator and voltage boost with automatic control.

  • Universal controller for 1 ½ – 3HP motors – single/three-phase, 50/60Hz, 120V/240V
  • Smart technology that is easy to deploy, and can provide significant cost savings
  • Small sized box, simple hook up, weatherproof, durable and automatic starting capacity
  • Maximizes solar panel efficiency allowing fewer panels to supply the needed power
  • Changes a 1 or 2 speed AC motor into a soft start, VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • VFD will run motors even at lower solar output extending the useful operating time
  • WiFi communication/control modules available as optional accessories
  • Cell supports up to 2 digital and 2 analog inputs
  • Integrated DC Disconnect and PV Parallel Junction
  • Patented and made in the USA


Meets The Need For More Power:
Up to 3HP and 12amps

Technical Specifications

Solar PV operating voltage range: 100-380V
Max PV panels open circuit voltage: 400V
Solar PV rated current per channel: 12A
Single-phase max AC motor power: 13A
Three-phase max AC motor power: 10.5A
Degree of protection: NEMA#/IP65
Enclosure material: Aluminum
Operating temperature: -40ºC to 50ºC
Dimensions: 18"x10"x5"
Solar terminal: AWG#10-14
Motor terminal: AWG#8-14
Sensor Terminal: AWG#14-22
Cooling: Passive/No Fan
  • Over voltage and over temperature protections
  • Optional: WiFi/cellular communication module, GFCI protections
  • Dual Array Input
  • Crop irrigation
  • Livestock watering
  • Pool pumping & recirculation systems
  • Lake and pond aeration & fountains
  • Aquaculture and de-icing
  • Solar hot water heating & recirculation
  • Salt water/residual h20 evaporation
  • Village & residential drinking water
  • Float switches for well pumps and tank overflow
  • Analog sensors adapter board
  • Communication module with web services
  • Pumps
  • Solar PV panels and racks
  • DC Rated Disconnects
  • Integrated DC disconnect, so no additional disconnect is required
  • 2 digital and 2 analog inputs
  • Multiple DIP switches for feature selection in the field, including Hz limit
  • Integrated load filters
  • Integrated junction connections for parallel solar arrays
  • Integrated Bluetooth for smartphone app connectivity
  • Optional GFCI protection

Helpful Resources

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    • WiFi/cellular communication & control available
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    • Corrects poor quality grid power/voltage
    • Patented and made in the USA

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