Greet Ranch was established in 1909, and is now a 4th generation Black Angus cattle operation.

They have the difficult task of delivering water to their herd in the spring and fall from a creek in a 500′ deep canyon.

The current water system includes three large troughs, a collection pond, and two large backup storage tanks.

For years, this has been managed by a propane generator, which powers a 2hp pump with an external propane tank.

Both costly and extremely cumbersome, this has required frequent visits to the remote site to refuel, maintain the generator, and verify that it’s operational.

Since installing the ENFusion Cell 3500 with 6400 watts of PV panels, Greet Family Ranch has been able to eliminate the cost of propane, while driving consistent power to the 2hp pump.

In the future, they hope to install ENFusion’s Comm cellular unit, which will enable remote management while giving both historical operating stats and real-time alerts.

“This has been a very reliable and problem free setup that has tied in well with our existing pump and pipeline. It’s saved us hours of time and the cost of propane. We easily installed it ourselves, with great tech support.”

– Vernon Greet

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