As a startup working at the intersection of more efficiency and cleaner energy, the entire team at SunTech can’t help but pay attention when a group is discussing water, energy, and their constantly evolving relationship. In 2019, Water and energy are more codependent  than ever before. At SunTech, we’re dedicated  to increasing the accessibility and efficiency of both. Find out more on the Water-Energy Nexus here and listen to the full podcast here.

Here’s a brief description from the Engineering Management Institute:

In episode 132 of The Civil Engineering Podcast, our seventh episode in our Women in Civil Engineering series, I talk with Pavitra Rammohan, PE. ENV-SP, the Region Manager at DeepRoot. Pavitra talks about renewable energy and specifically about decoupling the water-energy nexus. We also dive into her background as well as her journey from India to the United States.


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